I constantly need change in my life. This challenge was a little scary.

It all started with a conversation with the girls about how we love Vanessa Hudgen's curls. Next thing I knew, I was making an appointment to get my hair did the following week. 

I had once gotten a perm in college and the girl, after processing my hair, proceeded to wash it with shampoo! If you've ever seen Legally Blond, you KNOW that is the cardinal no-no of perms. I remember crying as I stared at my hair in the mirror. Needless to say, I ended up with an Asian Afro (no exaggeration) and for about nearly a full year, I had my hair in a bun.

But never one to surrender, I felt like it's been long enough for the scars to heal, and it was safe for another try at the dreaded perm. I was sick of always curling my hair and tired of the stick straight default look of my locks. You only die once right?

Before: Stick straight and limp.

After: beachy, lose waves.