If you've known me enough, you will know that I am obsessed with the 5-point polygon we call a "star." I have 3 of them etched permanently into my left shoulder blade. I also have a thing for hot bartenders.

As we were dancing away, fueled by limitless alcohol provided to us by a friend, I found myself looking for an point of interest, anything to capture my eye or keep me from feeling the monotony of clubbing. I looked over at the bar just in time to see a beautiful blond trying to get my attention. "Come here," she mouthed.

Unable to contain my curiosity, I walked over. She gave me a peck on the cheek and proceeded to grabbed my pink beaded necklace. As a bridesmaid, we all had to wear one for the night out. The girl began to intricately work away at the beads, all the while keeping my face inches away from hers. I could see the crease on her forehead from deep concentration, full lips--bottom ones bitten. I could smell her perfume; floral. She seemed like a strong woman, confident and generous. I wanted to be like her.

It was such a random moment with a stranger. We were so close, yet I wasn't uncomfortable and neither was she. It was like this sort of thing was natural and we did this all the time; came this close to strangers, touch them, and hold them in intimate silence.

"A star, for you," she said when she was done, and released me from her hold. I stood back, more buzzed than before and smiled in amazement. A perfect star laid on my chest.