Ever heard of the Virgin Music Festival? It's very BIG in the UK. We have one annually in Maryland, and this year tickets were FREE! Last year I was lucky enough to get 2 free tickets ($100/each) to see Kanye West.

This year, since it was free, all 35,000 tickets sold out within half an hour. There was no way I could attend. Until, a little birdie got me in touch with the staffing agency responsible for staffing the concert. These would be people you see with mics of giving out free stuff during the concert. I just attended the training tonight and am more than excited to be a part of the event tomorrow.

In addition to getting paid on an hourly basis to party at an all day music festival, I got designated to be in the VIP Lounge. It's not really work when you get to sip on complimentry green tea-infused vodka, lay on nice IKEA funiture, and watch Flavor Flav and Richard Branson pour beer all day.

There's more! We got complimentry red converses to go with our red t-shirts!

I'll do my best to document the whole adventure.