so many wretched things have been happening lately and the one who takes the grunt of it all is the one who cares the most. it seems almost unfair doesn't it?

they always say, "I need a vacation," or "I need to get away...", "Need to escape," when things get unbearable. I know in the end, we just run into ourselves, no matter where we go.

but it does help to put some physical distance between yourself and whatever ails you. sometimes you need an ocean, sometimes you just need the sun.

winter is so goddamn dreary.

i think if i could see the eiffel tower light up at night, i'd be a lot happier and the fact that my balenciaga is ruined, and my car is dented, or that my hair is jet black ugly would be as minor as a paper cut. a great big band-aid in the form of a magical city to settle my soul.