does any one have an intelligent opinion any more?

with facebook, twitter and gchat statuses on overload, every one feels the need to say something about everything, but what I find is most of them are just speaking out of their asses.
please excuse my french.

most of the time we're just retweeting or requoting, rephrasing, reaffirming what was just said. which takes little to no braincells. but where has our wit gone? it seems as if along with our credit, our intellect has also taken a nosedive. and what do we have left if we don't have our wit? Hope? Hope is so boring when it is delivered without eloquence. hope is debased when it is trivialized by the staleness of cliches.

anything is boring when it is delivered without eloquence for that matter. and by eloquence i do not mean big words or embellishments. eloquence is honesty. and when spoken from the heart, it can never be unoriginal. Those who simply know how to copy and paste do not know how to speak honestly. it's insincere.

i gripe about the digitalization of social networking, because i see it do more harm than good to most of my contemporaries.

There is a serious lack of someone with a strong opinion among my peers (lack is very different from none). Everyone wants to stay neutral. Those people are endlessly boring.

wake up. be passionate about something. anything.

don't be afraid to offend because as long as you speak from the truth, and not from fear, inexperience or a place of mal-intent, you can't be faulted for being passionate.

and someone please challenge me with an intelligent conversation/discussion. im so sick of these twits who spit out their nuggets of stereotypes and try to pass it off as intelligent observation. stereotypes come from inexperience and limited exposure to the real world. ever noticed when people generalize they always give this preface, "Usually [insert grand ignorant generalization here], except for your case, but usually, [reassert narrow minded assumption]." ? And so if 10 people were to make a misinformed statement about the same topic and proceed to say, "Except in this/you case," what does that say? They are living in denial. They know the "exception" that rules out their argument, but they refuse to believe it as a norm and sleep better with the idea it's an anomaly.

something ignorant heard recently, in summary:

"You can f*ck up as much as you want with your guy friends, we'll always take you back. Girls aren't like that with each other. Their friendships are transient. Dump one, get a new one, dump one, get a new one."