a little too early to be winding down, considering it's not even Christmas Eve yet, but I finished all my shopping early that all there is left to do is wait.

wait for the right time to give. wait for them to open it. wait for their reaction. wait for the year to reset itself.

having spent a good amount of my life time in waiting rooms before, i've learned that the best thing to do while waiting is to get enraptured in a book. and to put yourself in a position where you cannot see the clock. and to pretend you don't have a blackberry. rather than being a distraction, my blackberry only makes me more jittery.

and as the decade is coming to an end, i am inundated with countless 'list of the decades' every where I go: salon.com, new york times, npr.org to name a few. "Movies of the Decade." "Books of the Decade." "Songs of the Decade." This could go on forever, and who are these people to be so presumptuous to be telling us what our preferences of the decade should be?

And what is with the human need to be constantly archive things hierarchically? Why is it always a competition?

I digress.

I hope your year was full of progress, full of revelations, change, and evolutions. Happy Early Christmas and New Years!