i'm a girly girl at heart. and blumarine appeals to my lace, sheer everything, bows and ribbon, bodice wearing self. No one expresses the femininity that is us hopeless romantics as well as Blumarine (OK, Dolce and Gabbana was pretty dead-on, too). But what I like best is the Blumarine girl still keeps her ferocity. She doesn't resemble a delicate flower, so thin a breeze might blow her away.

This spring they went a little hippie on me. But after seeing their collection, I realized a little tie-dye never hurt anyone, especially when it's bright pastel and not hideously mismatched dark colors.

I'm so happy colors are back, though it does feel like every spring, hues make a resurgence as if to remind us of sunnier days ahead, and forget about dreary dark winter for a moment. Hence why fashion is always a season ahead; it constantly lives in the future and we are futilely trying to catch up to it. By the time spring arrives, it is already anticipating summer.

Anyways, my original point was that I am going to Coachella this year and ideally, this is exactly how I would want to be dressed that weekend. Dreams.