I was addicted to this show. It resonates with me because I am a firm believer in dressing your best, and clothes as an extension of who you are. Another form of self expression. I'm all about self expression. I have a blog. With sometimes too much information.

Anyways, Stacy London, one of the host of this show recently stated on NPR:

But what's most important is that the way people present themselves to the world I think really is a symptom, right, and when they're not doing their best, when they're not utilizing their potential, that usually says there's something bigger and deeper going on.
So when we criticize people for the way that they're dressing, the way that they're presenting themselves, it can be very emotional because it's difficult to sort of discern the difference between, you know, being critical about the way you look and critical about who you are, and we always try to make that distinction.
I couldn't agree more. Hear the interview here.