I've been wasting away at this very safe job here in Maryland.
As a little girl, like just about most girls, I've been in love with
clothes and fashion. But how realistic is that? Always taking the 
safer route, I stuck to what was secure. I got a job I didn't really care 
for to just pay the bills and be comfortable. But there was always a void.
So I started my non-profit in public relations and communications.
I have no formal traditional training. While my non-profit is just starting out,
I still have this urge to be amidst what I've always loved, because
after 3 years of wasting away, I've come to realize that
no matter how much they pay you, if you are not in love with your job,
if you don't enjoy waking up in the morning to go to work,
you will never be happy. Money doesn't fix everything. Maybe for a 
moment, but in the long run, the void makes itself apparent again.

On Wednesday, 
I sent out my resume for a fashion pr internship and got a response in
half a hour later. They wanted to interview me first thing in the morning.
So it was 2pm, I book the New York bus for 5:25pm 
that afternoon and leave wearing what I wore that day to work.  

It was 10:03AM this morning  when I wrote this entry.  My interview was at 10:30. 

I wrote to a girlfriend:

"Im sitting around the corner sipping coconut water and having
a piece of chocolate. In 10 minutes I am walking over and my life will
either change or I will keep moving forward. The cabbie who drove me
here asked how I was. I said I was nervous because of my interview. And he
said 'you have to be confident. you have to express yourself'!"

It was a strange feeling today as I was walking to the interview, in the same work outfit I wore yesterday. 
New York suddenly seems to open it's arms to me. I felt new energy. 
Inviting energy.

About half an hour after the interview, I get a call back from the PR firm.

I got the internship.

I am giving up a salary for this.

But it means nothing. I will be doing what I love, amongst the things that drive me.
This is a dream. And I have a good feeling about it. I think this is the beginning of something new and exciting.
I'm finally doing what I always wanted to do in life.
The job starts in 2 weeks, right in the middle of Fashion Week in New York.