Hello from the land behind the computer screen.

I leave safe and sweet Maryland in two weeks, and start my new life  in fashion PR on the 13th of September in New York. My lucky number.

We got a calendar of events yesterday. My first day will be in the midst of Fashion Week, so I will be working the Monique Lhuillier and Temperley London shows at Lincoln Center. I'm sad to miss the Simon Spurr show, but this is already too good of a dream to be true so I won't pout. We are told to wear all black on shows and special events so I've been formulating some killer outfits in my head. The only problem I have is that they all involve killer heels of some sort and I know I will be running around for 8+ hours. Not that it's never been done before, I am a bit worry about my feet. I'm very particular about feets (I know that was supposed to be foot). After 10+ years or so of wearing heels for a living, I am proud to say I have very soft feet, no callouses, nothing. All smooth and as appealing to the eye as feets can be haha. So other than that very vain and girly worry, I am very excited. I was bouncing off the walls yesterday.

The company's clients are amazing. When I went into my interview there was about 3 large boxes from ASOS sitting in the lobby.

Oh and in the midst of all this craziness, I got bangs!