I know it's Saturday. I've been in Paris for 2 and half days, and have been overly indulgent, exploring and sleeping a lot (jet-lag). So let me try to catch you up. I few here on Scandinavian Airlines and had a layover at Copenhagen. Didn't sleep at all because of the naive little traveler behind me that insisted on talking to his neighbor. Traveling is a love/hate thing for me. For one, if you end up sitting next to me you will be so lucky. I don't talk at all, I just sleep, and I take up very little space. But rarely ever do I run into good passengers. They're usually loud, snore, fat (this happens most), leave their overhead lights on and read the WHOLE time, or talk on their phone for the duration of the trip. I have the worse luck with traveling. 

During my layover at Copenhagen, I got to take a little stroll around, and thought my eyes have deceived me when I saw Hermes, Burberry, Gucci, and Mulberry. Did not dare tempt myself to enter because the dollar exchange rate is crap right now, so it's much smarter to buy luxury items in the United States than overseas.

My dear cousin Marina picked me up from the airport with a warm welcome. We managed to carry my heavy luggages all the way back to her apartment in the 5th arrondissement ("neighborhood"), which is one of the wealthier areas in Paris. Our apartment is on the top floor or a beautiful building on St. Michel. Just down the street is Laduree, the infamous macaroons shop, which I will save for another post.

This Saturday afternoon, she is a bit rainy, but we made the most of today while the sun was out.