One of the reasons I love it here is that the French eat late. Dinner should aways been served late at night, non? Our dinner came to us around 9PM, which is peak dining hours as all their tables were full. We only managed a table because we arrived a little before the rush around 8-ish. Dinner was in the Gare du Nord ("North Station") area of Paris, which is a bit more diverse, with a rowdier crowd. Chez Casimir offered traditional French/Breton (Brittany) dishes.  

This must be a French thing because most restaurants only do a prix fixe menu at a set price. Ours were 32 Euros each, which includes entree (starter), main course, cheese, and dessert. They have this written on boards and they bring the board directly to your table. That is your menu. No frilly booklet menus, just a big bulky board. 

Marina's nails in blue, and mines in red.

Our starters. Mines was a rabbit leg, and rabbit stuffed with foie gras. Hers was a parmesan soup with vegetables/asparagus.

My main course: French scallops with mash potatoes, which had more of a consistency like grit, and a tabule-like sauce. I am so bad, I should have noted the correct names, but this is my best re-invention.

After the main course, comes the cheese! The large tray of cheese in which we are free to pick whatever we want. I'm not big on cheese, but I could not stop eating the one on the bottom left; Delice de Borgogne. Note to self; stock up on some before I leave.

Dessert; a creamy pudding of pineapples and raspberry sauce with oranges and a flaky pastry. This was delicious!!

I got the profiterole, and should have learned my lesson when I ordered it from Falai, but I did not like it. I don't think profiteroles are my thing.