I recently attended a lecture given by Elizabeth Gilbert as part of my freelance publicist duties, and it was pretty fascinating due to the fact that she talked a lot about herself as a writer, and I am, well, I write in my sleep. She is extremely articulate and charming, so much so that all the skepticism you may have had after reading Eat, Pray, Love about her amazingly blessed good luck is put to rest. This is a woman who gets everything that she asks for. And it's not by force or aggression, but by pure faith in herself, optimism and an aura of kindness, understanding and openness. She's very open and candid. 

I got my girlfriend Stephanie a signed copy of her new book as she was the one who first told me about Eat, Pray, Love. I can't personally endorse the book as I haven't read it yet, and I probably won't. Nothing against Ms. Gilbert, but I probably would just end up feeling envious of her journey. Plus, I have my own journey to attend to.