I am delighted to know that there are so many passionate lonely readers out there who appreciate the magic of words as I do.

You may have noticed an increase in my posts lately. It really has everything to do with postcard survey. The response has been overwhelming, inspirational, thoughtful, and so lovely. Not to sound snooty, but I think my readers are some of the most eclectic, insightful, and uniquely passionate people. And am I so humbled to know that many of you have been reading this blog since it started in 2008. It really is just a place for a silly little girl to purge all her leftover thoughts. But it has touched me deeply to know that... Okay, that's enough gushing. I'm just not that type of girl.

The thing that I like best about you all, yes you, is that almost every single one of you who follow this blog, do not really read blogs. Numerous of you have responded saying that blogs are not your thing, and you only follow 1 or 2, so let me say I am honored to be among them. And maybe that's why your responses have also surprised me a bit. I hardly knew so many people read this blog since responses/comments are pretty rare here. But it's never been about that, I don't write for comments. I almost never respond to them, and I hate trading links or commenting back on other's blogs. It's never been about that.

On to the point of this entry. Books. I recommend a lot of books, and so I share with you my amazon wish list, which has many books that I have yet to read, in which I try to add to, but not often enough. Maybe you'll get to them before I do and tell me how you liked them?