So my girlfriend and I were walking through a maze of tourists in Soho when an unexpectedly cute window display caught our eye on Spring Street (83 Spring Street to be exact).  The shirts on the mannequin were decidedly very New York in their slouchiness, soft fabric and loose easy fit, but they were paired with lace minis and cute quilted crossbody bags. We took a gander walked inside, only to be pleasantly surprised.

I introduce to you: Brandy Melville. First off, the prices were great! Think forever21 range,but a bit more and WAYYY better quality (Trust me, I looked). And second, do not go off the website, because you have to visit the store in person. There's a greater variety to choose from and a lot more basics. Not to mention, I think the prices are even cheaper in the store so don't just judge by the prices you see on their website.

I couldn't believe a store like this exists in New York. You either get stores like Madewell, which are overpriced  Gap-like pieces, or you get Forever21 which is trendy and really poor quality, but nothing in between. Brandy Melville shirts are extremely soft and high in quality. I feel like I could sleep in them! Making another visit soon. I'm so sad that I just now discovered this store/brand.

Here's the blurb from their website so you get the gist of how awesome they are:

Brandy Melville was started over 30 years ago in Rome, Italy. Since, the brand has grown to over 50 stores in cities across Europe including London, Milan and Florence. We crossed the Atlantic in 2008 and have quickly become a favorite of fashionistas everywhere. Our beachy, comfortable and chic sensibility is complemented by our fine Italian fabrics and craftsmanship. 

Images from NastyGal, which you can also purchase Brandy Melville from.