Last Friday, after finishing dinner in St. Marks, we stumbled into a random bar and found ourselves in the middle of a bunch of feathered girls in sparkly pasties dancing to exotic drum beats. I danced for a bit and burnt a few calories. Then we strolled some more, and was attracted by a jazzy female voice, floating into the streets in front of us. It was at a small unknown bar called Any Way Cafe, and as I walked by, I was greeted with a "Hello, red coat," obviously for my crimson coat that evening and not for any affiliation with the British army.

I ordered a glass of chianti and listened happily to La Vie En Rose, as she sang the song I requested. It was a great way to toast New York goodbye and to get a glimpse into the next few days. Around 2AM, when the rain started to drizzle, I was happy to call it a night. New York did me proud that night.

Tonight is officially my last night in New York. I'm not sad about it yet, maybe after I'm gone I'll regret it. New York, you were lovely, thank you for being such a great host. Maybe I don't feel sad because my heart isn't here any more. Is it silly of me, but I really miss him? And wherever I feel at home is wherever he is. Right now he's in Shanghai, so I'm counting down the days until then. In the mean time, off to Paris. Will try to update and send a lucky reader a postcard. PS. Postcard survey is now closed. Thank you all those you participated.

For now, farewell New York. You were a beautiful love affair, but like all love affairs, they are only best when brief.