Pork buns that rival Ippudo's and Momofuku's. 

 I usually hate red wine, but this was pretty good. It was like a white wine, masquerading as a red. 

 The fatty duck. Commence drooling.

 The chilli crab.

The dessert that comes with the check-- That I always as for seconds of.

Malaysian inspired restaurant, but the most important thing about this place is the key word in it's name; Fatty. Oh yes, do I love anything Fat. That is a capital F there. I have never had duck done so right that it felt wrong to eat it so fast. The duck is crispy, but not dry. Sweet, salty, and juicy all at the same time. And the garnishes that top it only further drives the point home; this is one f*cking good duck. This is how I would want to go if I were a duck. To die an honorable death as a delectably impeccably flavored piece of meat. I may not be a foodie, but I am a snob who enjoys stuffing my face. And I would happily stuff my face some more with this dish.

Let's not get me started on the pork buns. There has been a sort of unspoken war in New York, and it all comes down to who has the best pork buns. Between Momofuku's Noodle Bar and Ippudo, I have to say Fatty Crab's comes in first. It's the most potent in flavor. It's a kick in the mouth, but it's just the perfect mate to the ever so flavorless flour bun that pillows it. Second would be Ippudo, which has a little bit of kick as well. Last, and if there were more choices, I probably wouldn't even place it, is Momofuku's bland version of it. Don't get try it. It's not worth your time.

My other favorite dish here is the Nasi Lamak. It comes out all separated  on your plate with an egg on top. You have to mix it. Get it all oozing and make all the ingredients fornicate. It's best this way. Take one bite, and watch yourself finish the whole thing faster than you can say 'food porn.'

The atmosphere here is lively and intimate. The wait is never long despite the small space and the wine selection, though not extensive like Del'Anima, is always good. Quality not quantity.

Fatty Crab
643 Hudson St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 352-3590

Rating: consistently 5 out of 5 stars