This is the enviable view of the lover's new studio apartment in Philadelphia. I have never been a fan of Philly, only because, sadly, its reputation proceeds it. I always thought of Philly as a crime ridden place, with not much culture, just a lot of dark alleys. But go to Rittenhouse Square, and it will surprise you. It reminds me of the east village in New York. Every street is littered with small shops and amazing restaurants. It's quite quaint, but still has all the charms of living in the city. This is where the term 'townie' gets thrown around quite often.

Why Philly all the sudden? The lover is starting his MBA, and though it is only pre-term at the moment, it's really hectic. I tried my best to help him unpack and settle in this past weekend as I know how important it is to not feel displaced.

Hopefully, as the year progresses, I will have more chances to explore Philly. Which is quickly becoming a favorite on my list.

There's a Chinatown in Philly! Who knew?