Someone once stated that I couldn't be paid a million dollars to live without music for the rest of my life. I might as well be deaf. I've managed to preserve all the songs I have ever listened to since high school, backing-up the files from my past 3 PC's and laptops to present day. And oh how the songs have accumulated. I spent all last night loading everything onto my iPhone, and have been on a mental walk backwards through the past. There are some songs that perfectly encapsulate certain periods in my life, from the more carefree days (Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie...freshman year of college), puppy love emo days (The Fray - All at Once, Damien Rice and any Dashboard Confessional...oh so emo) that I have completely forgotten about. 

If olfactory is the strongest sense linked to memory, I have to say that music is its competitive sibling. 

The songs of my youth were all but forgotten until today. Hearing them again, with completely new perspective and experience, each memory is renew and takes on new meaning. It feels a little bit like closure with the past.