Was shopping and can upon this lovely surprise. Yes, any thing by Pleasure Doing Business is love, but can you believe I scored it for $10? Yep.

Update: Saw the same one on CUSP today for $208. I know we are supposedly out of the recession now, but I think it changed the way we shop and the way we talk about our shopping altogether. I never minded paying top dollars for a coveted item pre-recession, but post-recession, I've learned to practice a bit of self control (wait a week and it will be on sale) and smarts (price matching sites, see if it is cheaper elsewhere, use those promocodes) when it comes to shopping, and I love to brag about how much of a steal I got! In the end, I purchase the same things that I have always had my eyes on, but for a fraction of the price if I had bought it on the spot, saving me hundreds in the end. In this case, I saved nearly $200