The view from our villa, overlooking downtown Florence, Italy. Truly blessed to see this.

This little blog has been long neglected, hasn't it? I've been a little busy with traveling, moving about, and the insanity of life in general. I keep telling myself to post up pictures soon, but then another weekend passes and the pictures pile mounts even higher than before.

Arriving in Venice, the view from the main train station.

It's been almost a year since I have even written anything remotely resembling a blog entry on my life, what's been going and such. I never told about my life in Shanghai, my travels since and my life back at home. I'm sure my 10 readers are dying to know. Ok, my 6 readers.

As we were walking to our hotel, I caught a shop keeper feeding two little birds from his hands.

This was our sustenance every morning (and multiple times a day) as we tried to fit in multiple cities in our 10 day tour of Italy.

An infamous view of Venice.
Alright, the 3 people reading this thing. You will notice that to the right, I've added a little travel log. This will give you a good idea of what I have been keeping busy with:


-Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice, La Spezia, Cinque Terre (February)
-Miami - Ultra Music Festival (March)
-Electric Daisy Festival in New York (May)

-Paris (March)
-Shanghai (resided for 2 months) (April - May)
-Seoul (May)
-Taipei (June)
-Beijing (June)
-Hong Kong (June)
-Bangkok (June)
-Vietnam (June)
-Singapore (June)
-Jakarta (June)
-Bali (June)

-Puerto Rico - Old San Juan, Vieques
-Palm Springs - Coachella Music Festival

-Virgin Islands - St. Johns, St. Thomas, Tortola, Necker Island

There is my mediocre attempt to keep this blog up to date. I will try to do more entries, delving into each item on that travel list from above. I can't promise anything as life has been getting in the way and I find it harder to sit still and write out what has already happened. I take pictures and I am satisfied with that. I admire the bloggers who are able to update just about every day, retelling every little minute thing they did with pictures and colors. I wish I had the time. But then again, you can't fault me for living. I hope you all are doing the same as well, and when you have some free time, that you have not forgotten about me and still come to visit once in a while.