Get lost. As many times as you can in your short short life.

The truth is I have never had a plan. I let things find me or follow the things that intrigue me. The ones who have their life planned out, who follow that straight path and have "things figured out," I admire them, but I know it's not the life for me. 

The truth is I get bored easily. The truth is contentment makes me restless. There is something in me that refuses to stay still. It's a chronic thing that's plagued me since childhood. I can't stand redundancy. I have to constantly be challenged, moved, removed; remade. 

I wander because I know exactly who I am. I wander because I truly enjoy being lost.

But let's get real. Life is not an instagram filter combined with a perfectly timed image. There will be those who look at you inquisitively, confused or with disdain. Why don't you have a job? Why don't you settle down? And there will be real adult issues you have to face: like how can you even afford to do what you are doing, let alone a hotel. For those who are short sighted enough to assume that traveling doesn't amount to any sort of real world applicable skills, you can tell them that you are well versed in cross cultural communication and working under extreme uncertainty. Should you ever want to settle your awesome self down, any company with the foresight to acknowledge the courage and resourcefulness that it takes to be a world traveler will not want to lose you. 

I've been told by many recruiters that my real-world experience and past work at Uber, in nonprofit, fashion PR, and most recently as a consultant in Nicaragua makes me a better candidate than most MBA's out there. You can always have adventure. You just have to look for the right project that aligns with it. I believe in purposeful traveling. This way I can also build my resume while bouncing around the world. I also have some technical skills that are highly desirable and set me apart from most candidates, such as coding, graphic designs, and a vast digital marketing portfolio. Be sure to always keep your professional growth in mind even if you are not immediately looking for a job.

I've been doing this for four years and there is nothing that I would do differently.