It's 80% humidity here. Or so it feels like it. A girl needs her sunscreen and skincare. This is what I have been using in Nicaragua, the land of heat, humidity and scorching sun:

The absolute basics are above. I use my staple mascara (Chanel's waterproof Inimitable in Noir) and eyeliner (NYC's dark brown waterproof liner), but as far as skincare and maintenance goes, the above are a must in addition to regularly using face masks with calming and brightening agents (a post on that later).

From left to right:
Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow with SPF 15 in No. 30: I love this powder. This helps keep away the shine (which you will be plenty of in this weather), gives you a healthy dose of color without blocking your pores, while protecting your skin with vital SPF. One should never go without any sort of sun protection and always look for product that do double duty with added SPF. 

Chanel Retractable Kabuki Brush: The mink fur brushes that come with the Chanel compacts aren't the softest thing ever. They feel rough on my sensitive skin. This synthetic brush feels like pure heaven. It feels like whip cream, clouds and baby's bums. I use this to apply the Les Beiges powder.

Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45: I've long ago given up on American sunscreen products. They usually leave a heavy, filmy residue that can block pores or leave you looking pale like a ghost. That or they end up very oily after a few hours. Sunblocks from Asia do not do this. Missha is a Korean brand that I discovered on a trip to Seoul a few years ago.  Despite being SPF 45, this sunscreen is super light and non-greasy. It does a great job of protecting my skin and not leaving me shiny. It also contains some amazing ingredients such as rose and hazel extracts and none of the bad stuff such as parabens, etc. An added bonus: it's water resistant.

*Forget Shiseido sunblocks. Despite being an Asian brand, I've found Shiseido to be too heavy, leaving a slight a residue. The price for the pint size bottle is also a turn-off. 

Missha Super Aqua Deep Sea Micro Mist in Rose: This is the key to keeping cool under so much heat. Spritz a bit of this all over your face to keep it hydrated and your make-up in place. 

"The Rose scent contains rose oil and water to promote metabolism and revitalize your skin. Each contains 97% deep sea water enriched with minerals to provide moisture and radiance to skin. It also includes seaweed extract enriched with vitamins and iron to soothe and protect skin from external factors."

Protip: Use this to wet your beauty blenders before applying foundation instead of putting it under water. 

And lastly, I forgot to add this to the photoroll above, but M Prism Spot Flash Brightener SPF30 in No. 2: Vital for concealing undereye circles after long nights of drinking rum or cerveza (beer). This brightener contains SPF and gives the face an instant awake look. I seriously cannot live without it. 

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