All cool girls pierce their ears, in multiple places, and arm their fingers with precious metals (at least all the cool girls I know). Small piercings and ornamented hands are the perfect low maintenance –hear me out – way to express yourself on a daily basis. One may think that loads of jewelry on our lobes and fingers seems impractical, but if chosen sensibly it can be so unobtrusive that we forget we even have them on.

Key things to note when building your collection of jewelry for everyday life: avoid large ornamental trappings like large stones or designs that protrude too much so they do not get caught on clothes or poke you as you sleep. Stick to solid gold of at least 14 karat to avoid tarnishing or fading when you inevitably have to shower or jump into the ocean. I was told by a piercer that they try to avoid sterling silver when piercing clients due to the fact that it tends to tarnish with prolonged wear or while the skin is healing. So do with that info what you will.

With that said, here are my favorite places to purchase high quality solid gold pieces that don't break the bank.

Pierced image from Body Electric's Instagram which has a host of really cool piercing combinations for inspiration.