If you love being wrapped up in a cozy blanket during colder days, like me, than you know the need for a plush coat in a perfect neutral that conjure up images of warmer moments by the fire yet makes you feel like a chic business woman treading lightly down cobbled streets of Copenhagen, is real. 

I've searched high a low because there is nothing I enjoy doing more in my spare time than to browse online stores. Above are a few of my favorites and one of which I recently purchased (links below). Will report back (on my IG stories) if I will keep or opt for one of the other options above. 

A few things I was looking for in a camel coat: a drop shoulder, but not required - this gave the jacket a relaxed fit, but the color kept it sophisticated, loose fit for layering - this is vital when you want to layer a warm knit underneath, big collars for colder days - rolling up your collars on a coat looks so sleek, and wool - for warm and quality. 

2. Collar wool coat, Genuine People
3. Belted wool wrap coat, Genuine People
4. Wool-crepe trench coat, Victoria Beckham

I purchased #3. It arrives in a few days. Will let you know how it turns out via Instagram like I always do.