It's Thanksgiving. You're going to have a lot of down time today because there is only so much family one can take (or is that just me?). So I'm here to share some of my favorite content creators at the moment. I particularly love these ladies because they keep it real whether they are unapologetic about how they are still figuring things out or authentic in their content voice. I don't really think of these ladies as bloggers/influencers because their main appeal is not to shill the latest trend, adorn themselves in gifted/loaned designer wares or push unrealistic aspirations of the #jetset life on sponsorship dime. More on this another time. Anyways, take a break from chatting with that uncle you see once a year and chill in the awesomeness of these ladies.

  • Ashley Kane of Brunch on Chestnut. Ashley lives in San Francisco like me so not only is she super relatable, she also has a very strong sense of personal style (downtown classic) but her decorating skills are really on point too. I like that she has suggestions of great closet staples that are devoid of fads. She also posts a lot of great deals and lives life on a normal budget like normal people. 
  • Aja Dang. I like this woman for her authenticity. Aja is honestly trying to get her life together and taking you with her. She shares hurdles of tackling her student loans, her struggles with keeping a budget, and she shares how she edits her photos – facetune and all. She's unabashed, humble and hustling her ass off.
  • Vanessa Grall of Messy Nessy Chic. Francophiles, get your fix here. I discovered her youtube videos a few months ago and have recently discovered her blog. So many great tidbits about Paris that goes beyond the basic topics about Paris. This is for the endlessly curious bookworm in all of us. 
  • Pamela Rf. Some days I don't have to energy to leave the house. This is how I discovered Pamela's workout videos. Her workouts are challenging but their short length (20 mins max) keep me from getting bored. I try to master all her workouts by doing them a few days in a row each week.
  • Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio. Another expat living in France, but her pictures are dreamy and her daily chronicles serves as the perfect escapism. Follow Jamie as she goes to the farmers market in her small town or learn about the editing process behind how she creates beautiful portraits. Following Jamie has reminded me to pause and appreciate the small moments in my daily life. 



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