I have a dangerous obsession. I am addicted to cup of noodles. But my blood test came back last week and my cholesterol levels are super healthy. So maybe it's not thaaaaat bad?

I recently ventured far outside of San Francisco into Berkeley to the Tokyo Fish Market, and discovered some interesting varieties of cup of noodles. I picked up a curry one that contained real dehydrated potatoes and a seafood one that had imitation crab and real bits of egg (!). They were ridiculously good. Unfortunately, I ate it all before I remembered to take a picture.

But fret not, fellow unhealthy foodies. You can order your own online at Candysan. This is the most amazing site I have ever discovered. If you like Japanese snacks, well, you're welcome. Available flavors include cheese curry, tom yum, laksa, and Pokemon.


P.S. There's even unique flavored Cheetos.