Been cooking up a storm lately this holiday season. One of my closest girlfriends gifted me a jar of picked veggies recently which was extremely thoughtful. Fermented/pickled vegetables are so good for your health and they take some time to tend and make. Gifts of preserves or anything homemade foods are so much better than materialistic finds because they show an investment of time. Food made with love will always be appreciated.

So I learned of this recipe from here and posted about the process on my IG Stories. I grated the dried yolks over oil tossed pasta with shrimp and it was the. best. thing. I. ever. made. Then, like the masochist that I am, I made a batch of a dozen and gifted them in cute little jars to some friends. Add a cute little star tag and they're perfect for any millennial.

A few things to note...

  • Be super careful not to break the yolk when you are separating it from the whites, if it breaks, you can't use it. Save it for an omelette.
  • Try to remove as much of the whites as you can, don't half ass it, you'll thank me later.
  • Use half of your mix to make a nice bed for the yolks, use the other half to cover. The first time I made it, I did not cover my yolks sufficiently and found that they weren't as cured as when I did.

Happy curing!