During these times of social unrest, as we strive to make a positive impact in whatever way we can, it is so important to take care of ourselves so we can continue to show up for others.

I mentioned some items on prior posts relegated specifically to the Sephora sales, but this is the complete list of skin care products that have always served me right. 


My skin is super sensitive so this natural rose extract toner feels wonderful after cleansing. Skin is sometimes inflamed after a harsh exfoliation, so an alcohol-free toner is key to reducing irritation. A cheaper alternative can be found here.

Face Creams

This one is the ultimate luxury in skin cream. I like getting the largest size and only while shopping duty free because it's always at least 20-30% less than prices in the US. I know travel is not an option right now, but stack your deals and point cards. This cream is a miracle. You see a noticeable difference the next morning. I like to use it only at night because it's so potent and heavy. I don't like mixing it with sunscreen over top to dilute the application.

The Rich Cream - Augustinus Bader

This is one of my favorite finds this year. The cream is reminiscent of La Mer's moisturizing cream, but not anywhere as greasy or heavy. I have never personally seen results with La Mer, but then again I was using it in my early 20's when my skin was dewy and invincible. The Rich Cream keeps my skin moisturized all day without getting shiny and it feels so velvety upon application. 

Supremÿa at Night - Sisley Paris

I'm a religious believer in using a separate night cream versus a day cream. This one is phenomenal. It started when I got a sample in my early 20's and was shocked by the results the next day. I went in a bought a full size the next day. This one isn't as powerful as the La Prairie one above, but it tightens and revitalizes skin. It definitely kept my face looking fresh even after dancing all night long.


I notice the effects of this serum immediately. It lays a nice surface for absorption of any moisturizer that you layer on top. Think of it as an enhancer for whatever you are currently using, making it even more powerful.

This a mild serum that creates a tightening light base for moisturizers. I love it for every day use and think it's very gentle on the skin. It's great for layering day or night. 


Never ever go without sunscreen. I've tried everything from French lines to Chanel to Shiseido. Nothing compares to this milky sunscreen that leaves absolutely no white cast. Yes, they exist. Asia's had these sunscreens that go on clear since forever. Believe the hype. This absorbs clear and doesn't make my skin oily or slick. It's by far the best face sunscreen I have found.

Eye Cream for Night Time

I love gel based skincare. They lock in moisture more effectively than any other types. It's recommended to use this every other night to 3x a week, but I use it every night. It just feels so good under the eye as I sleep, knowing it's there to combat all the frowning I do in my sleep as I dream.