It's been a strange few months. But the most important reckoning is upon us and our society. As we are forced to look inward because our outsides are out of reach, we have to accept the painful truth that we do not live in a post racial world. I mourn for the death of those who shouldn't be gone, who did nothing wrong. If criminals don't deserve death, neither does the innocent. 

As an Asian American, the flight of my Black brothers and sisters are my own. Because even if I enjoy the privilege of my proximity to whiteness, if I let them treat any other race differently than I am also complicit in the discrimination against myself and every person of color.

In these hard times I want to focus on hope. The hope that with every generation, we become more aware and critical of those who proceeded us. We are evolving for the better, but we have to take everyone with us. The divide is a result of the belief that we are different from one another, but in truth our blood run red all the same. 

I'm so hopeful for how fluid and accepting the younger generation is. For those currently in power, the norm that we see (gay rights, trans rights, equality, gender as a construct) is foreign to those currently in power. It's so foreign that they fear it would threaten their hold on the morals of society. Moral shifts as the collective consciousness evolves, as we become more interconnected. I am hopeful that the children I make will be the ones to change the world.