The alternative title of this entry should be: How to Dress like an Influencer; Summer 2020 Edition

It's so easy when you are bombarded by the same images or "it" item on every influence's feed to think that you, too, want to own that particular item. But in reality, through strategic PR moves, influencers are all gifted the same items at an opportune time that it tricks you into thinking it's suddenly a trend. Organic trends rarely happen in the digital age anymore. They are all part of a marketing play. Take it from a marketer.

I've done the dirty work for you by compiling a list of items that influencers are currently being gifted to synthesize a trend. Whether you chose to opt-in or not is your personal choice, but it's important to be aware of these things so that we can discern what is a subliminally placed desire or free-will. Plus, who wants to look like a walking instagram trend?

Padded Tank Tops
The Frankie Shop started it, then The Reformation copied it. And now it's getting out of hand because you can find it at Forever21.

The Row Ginza Two Tone Sandals
I don't understand luxury gifting during these unprecedented times. While so many are out of a job, influencers are out there showing off their $800 gifted pool slides to inspire you to aspire to their life. Too bad they don't have to pay for it with their own money.

Chanel Sandals
Sold out since last fall. Everyone is wearing it this summer. Do you want to look like everyone?

This Prada Bag in any color or similar ones with all the extra coin purses attached
You're not going on coin hunting safari any time soon, Jen.

Literally anything that screams "I miss Phoebe Philo"
We get it, you have taste that is heavily borrowed from whatever they tell you is hot.

Any variation of these Prada stompers
I feel like high fashion hijacked the  sneakers and now it's going after Doc Martins. But Doc Martins are truly well made and don't cost an arm and a leg.

Pangia Sweats
Gifted to literally every single influencer you've ever heard of.
Started by a racist Italian influencer, nonetheless.

Any other ones you see popping up that I might have missed?