It usually goes like this: so and so didn't share their snack with you, or your best friend decided to have a new best friend this week, leaving you on ice. Childhood drama used to be pretty simple. They were often things others did to us. External. It was easy to pinpoint who the culprit was in all cases.

Adulthood drama is a different beast because the culprit is you. It has always been you. Thus the path to resolution isn't some external fix; you can't be nicer to be liked, and you can't dress better to fit in. Instead, you have to work harder to like yourself more than anyone else, and you have to realize the need to fit in is isolating and unnecessary. Embracing acceptance instead of control is a simple concept, but that's why it's so frustratingly hard to achieve. 

Some days I am better at acceptance. Some days I fail completely. Whenever I try to control a situation, I find myself growing angry and resentful. The tension in my shoulders build up and my neck strains from the stiffness. Physical discomfort beats me into submission as I am unable to focus on tasks at hand. Eventually I grow so tired that I have no choice but to surrender. My body said no for me. 

You can't change them. You can only change yourself.