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Astrology man. Who believes in them?

The moons and stars all align and pull at my brain and heart. Pulling up urges inside me that I've put off for far too long. My astrologer blew my mind the other day.

The good thing is the pragmatism of the lover aligns with my impulsivity. We want to move. We are taking advantage of this situation to build our wealth, to lay down roots of the seeds that our ancestors have burnished for us. To build generational wealth.

My apologies for all the vague frou-frou. Do you ever notice how I never really update you on my life until after the fact? After the milestones have been achieved it's so much easier to share the wins. It's much harder to share when we are working tireless to reach a goal we don't know if we can accomplish. But let me change that.

We want to move to an income tax-free state. With our income combined, we will be able to passively save what some earn in years. So the incentive is high. The draw possibly Las Vegas - the sun, the warmth and the proximity to the Mojave Dessert. If we do this, we have to do it before May. Wish us luck.

You're older now, dear reader. And you know the value of passive income. So I don't have to tell you twice why we're doing this. 

Maybe in a future post you'll learn if we succeeded. Or if we didn't. 

There is no ending until we die.