I just discovered Sisley, and oh my gosh, was I in for a treat. They are an independent French skincare company and they use only the best ingredients. Not only that, but their packaging is also eco-friendly.

So in my monthly mail from Neimans, I get a complimentry sample of this amazing night cream called La Nuit. The packaging looked fancy enough, but I tried La Mer before and was unimpressed with their results. That night I put on La Nuit with little expectations. I woke up and noticed an immediate difference. As opposed to looking sleepy and tired, my face looked dewey and smooth. Firmer even. I couldn't believe it.

I finished the sample in three nights and searched endlessly online for the price; $750....!

Sigh, I guess youth does come in a bottle, but only if you can afford to fork over $750 for a few ounces. How ludacris.