The very last thing I want to do after a long day of work and meetings and traffic is write. But I must.

Lately I have been all about going against my laziest urges. And since I've been home at 9PM today, all I've wanted to do is soak in the tub, but work more I must. I must tell you about what keeps me going. what drive me. us.

We must do the things we dread (like work) or else we will drown in the depression of our own idleness.

I was awe stricken, like a child, when I arrived at the Capital Breast Care Center (CBCC). I met with Susannah Fox, Director of Development of the clinic. She was so excited about the event and so happy to have us help them out. Their mission is to provide breast cancer screening services to those who cannot afford them. So when a patient comes in and is not covered under conventional insurance, the center has to pay for their diagnostics which can cost from $2,000 to $10,000 a person.

Susannah showed me their Mammography room and explained to me how just this past summer, they were able to finally upgrade to a digital scanning system. Before, they were working with an analogue machine which uses film, which required a technician on-site to develop the film in a dark room and would take weeks before patients would get their results. How archaic for 2009, but this is what they had to deal with. Someone finally was able to donate a refurbished digital machine to the CBCC last summer.

My meeting today reaffirmed and strengthened my commitment to this cause. This center is providing a service that is priceless; helping those who cannot afford it. Breast cancer effects everyone, and now just about everyone in the DC area can get diagnosed thanks to the CBCC.

So far, they have been able to diagnose breast cancer at twice the national average. This is because the demographic that they serve (those of extremely low income), are usually not accounted for in the breast cancer statistics that you hear about.

I came back revitalized and more committed than ever to help. And I am grateful to be able to lend a hand where I can.