so many people are stagnant. stagnant with the friends they have, the things they know, the things they do and their way of thought. nothing new flows into their circle of being, that injects fresh air into their placid little bubble world. they have the same friends they have always had. or no friends, and that never changes. they don't seek out interests outside of their own self-interest and only live day to day purely for function. there is no inspiration or aspiration outside of their immediate needs, desire, or ambition. nothing changes.

I am not speaking about contentment. though contentment can be a byproduct of stagnation, it comes from being perfectly happy with the changes and things that are happening to us right now because change is a part of life. Once we learn to accept that, we start to feel content.

but the stagnant ones. I avoid them like the plague. I cannot be surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals who all think like me or have the same background and opinions as myself. I see it as a slow decapitation of my imagination, growth and happiness.

some people have friends purely for companionship. purely to do things with. they are comfortable doing things with people that they have known for a long period of time. whom they may not have any sort of substantial connection with except for the convenience of proximity and the illusion of a long-built history. a shared history gives us the illusion of closeness. this is the biggest fallacy of all social fallacies.

we had a picnic this past weekend. and were pleasantly interrupted by what seemed to be a group of teenagers. their demeanor was pleasant, so i spoke to them more. i love asking questions and soon found out they were homeless. they were homeless little gypsies just living day to day. one told me about how he had blown his full-scholarship to college and his regrets. he showed me his tattoo across his chest. the girl of the group had the most beautiful rings on her finger. she told me about how she was engaged to be married to the other long-haired boy in the group. they shared their thoughts with me and for a moment i was outside of myself, learning about something so beyond my comprehension. they were beautiful happy souls. I looked at it as a lucky happenstance. like when a butterfly lands on the flower appliqué of your dress, and for a moment you get the precious chance to see, at close range, the details on its wings.