I'm single. For the first time since I was 17 years old. It was a conscious decision made easier by a restless stirring deep in my bones. (But I cry every time I think about him.)

I have always equated being single to being alone. To having no one to love. So I've always avoided it. Now, as I reject being in love, I find myself in lack of actual time alone.

Some interesting creatures have found me, some by pure luck, some reached out after hearing the news. I've been here, on this platform between the fourth and fifth floor, studying since 10:50AM. In this terminal, we are both studying quietly. We'll be here for another 5 hours, this new friend and I.

Though I'm grateful for the company, I almost wonder why it is that I can't even be by myself after forcing myself to be alone, even if this all happened by chance and I didn't go looking for it. Well here he is, my new study buddy.

It's time to surrender to the fact that people will always find me by courage or by chance. And I should just embrace every instance. I am a passive receptor. You can come find me.

C'est la vie.